Wild 3rd Jersey Leaked!

We're getting our first look this morning at the Minnesota Wild's brand new third jersey — just five days before the official unveiling. The new sweaters are scheduled to make their public debut on Sunday at the Minnesota State Fair. Icethetics has a sneak peek right now.

Minnesota Wild new third jerseyI believe this is Brent Burns modeling the new sweater here to the right (correct me if I'm wrong). The photo is part of the background image on the Wild's forthcoming redesigned web site. Since the jersey won't be unveiled until Sunday, the new site will have to wait at least until then. 

Meantime, this is what we've been hearing about from the Wild and it's hard not to be impressed. As I said, Minnesota was the team I felt had the farthest to fall in terms of third jerseys for 2009. They have such a great (albeit short) history that it would've been very easy to ruin this one.

The minute amount of red works in its favor. We wanted a green sweater and we got a green sweater. The striping is dead-on, reminiscent of the 2004 All-Star jersey. And the only thing I might change is probably the thin piping around the shoulders.

Aside from that, I don't think there's anything else to improve. It's what most of us were hoping for. Easy on the red, heavy on the green.

By the way, so you have an idea where this came from, here is the full background image that will be featured on the new site — probably next week.

Wild's new web site background

Got an opinion on the Wild's new third? Share it in the comments. And check back on Sunday for more photos from the official unveiling.