Devils Going Green!

Green is slowly but surely sneaking back into the NHL in the Age of Reebok. The New Jersey Devils will join the throwback club this season as they don their original green-infused sweaters for one night only this season.

The report came earlier tonight on the team's official web site, saying the special sweaters would be worn on St. Patrick's Day, Wednesday, March 17, 2010 when the Devs host division rival Pittsburgh Penguins. President/CEO/GM Lou Lamoriello has long said his team would not wear a third jersey on his watch — which is why I think many of us are surprised by this announcement.

Brendan Shanahan"The original red, green, and white jerseys are a part of our history here in New Jersey," said Lamoriello. "We have always been an organization that takes great pride in its tradition. This is something we believe our fans will enjoy for that one special night."

The original red, green, and white jerseys were worn for 800 regular-season and 40 playoff contests from the team’s inception in 1982 through the 1992 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Jersey’s Team has worn red, black, and white since 1992-93, and both sweaters have featured a stylized “NJ” on the chest.

They're not kidding. The Devils had been the last remaining NHL franchise without any kind of alternate jersey — ever. The Red Wings were considered by many to be part of that group, but their throwbacks both in 1992 and at last year's Winter Classic kept New Jersey isolated in my book.

Everyone wants to make a buck — especially in economic times like these. While the article on the site doesn't address the sale of these "one-time-only" jerseys, I'm betting you'll be able to find them in stores in no time.

Switching gears now to the Nashville Predators. I've heard through multiple sources, including Icethetics readers Brandon and Ben that the Preds sent a note to season tickets holders about third jerseys.

The information is rather vague at this point, saying that the jerseys would be revealed in November. No word yet on whether that date refers to a public unveiling, on-ice debut, or both. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

Preds owner David Freeman previously said the team's new third jersey will likely be revealed publicly in September. He described it as a very traditional-looking jersey, with a design that "came purely from some of the original six teams."

Just keep in mind that the original report out of Minnesota was that the Wild's new third jersey would be unveiled in mid-September. Now, not only has it leaked, but it's going to be officially made public two weeks earlier.