Mixed Messages

The rumors have been flying the last few days over the status of the Calgary Flames' forthcoming third jersey. The main question now being: Will there even be a third jersey this year?

Obviously we're at a point in the summer where everything is speculation. The last official word we heard was a year ago when Ken King said it would be a black sweater with an entirely new logo. Now it seems that's changed and the Flames may be more likely to look backward for an alternate jersey — this being their 30th anniversary season.

More recently, I've started hearing from various retailers that a Calgary third jersey may be off the table completely for 2009. But those reports have mostly be unsubstantiated. What can I say? We live off of gossip around here at this time of year.

However, a little more evidence to support a throwback third popped up this morning on the Flames' official web site. (Thanks to Drew for the link!) As part of the 30th anniversary, the team will be giving away a $30,000 shopping spree at a local mall to a lucky fan. Many other prizes will also be available including one that caught Drew's eye.

Four (4) weekly qualifiers will be randomly selected from all eligible ballots and will receive a pair of tickets to the Flames Home Opener on October 1, 2009 as well as a Calgary Flames vintage jersey

This isn't proof that there will be a vintage third jersey — only that vintage jerseys will be available to fans this season. Having said that, it's not a huge leap to think the Flames have indeed decided on a more traditional-looking alternate sweater. I'm committing to nothing.

Anyway, just a little something to chew on as we wait for more official information on the subject. While we wait, why not hold a poll?

Should the Flames stick with that brand new black third jersey sans the Flaming C that Ken King talked about last year? Or should they go with a throwback from their earliest days in Calgary? And if you like the idea of a throwback, should it be red or white? Don't let logistics get in your way either. The Maple Leafs' white third works just fine. Go with your gut!

Cast your vote and we can get an idea of what Icethetics fans in general are hoping for.