Preds 3rd Leaked at Concert

The Nashville Predators used a country music concert to leak their new third jersey last night at the Sommet Center.

According to Preds fan blog Section 303, singer Taylor Swift made a wardrobe change for her encore — donning the yet unseen alternate sweater. Preds forward Steve Sullivan even hinted at the surprise via Twitter last night.

Photo from

Section 303 nabbed a photo from a giant video screen so obviously it lacks in quality in terms of detail. For that, we'll probably still have to wait until next Thursday.

I don't think anybody but a couple of 11-year-olds in the front row actually got a good look at it. Still, we can make out some of the basic features. It actually looks a lot like the mockup that was based off of one fan's alleged early look at the jersey.

It looks to be dark blue, with fewer colors on the crest, white stripes around the waist and sleeves, and laces at the collar. It's too difficult to make out whether that checkerboard pattern is present. (Section 303 says it's not but didn't provide any photographic evidence.)

What the earlier "leak" failed to incorporate was the the new circular logo that appears to be on the shoulders. It looks like the primary logo enclosed in a heavy circle — similar to the logo on the Wild's home jersey.

Predators owner David Freeman certainly wasn't lying about the Original Six feel of the jersey — aside from the glaringly modern logo on the front of the sweater, of course.

In fact, Jeremy at Section 303 points out, it's practically a carbon copy of the Maple Leafs' classic uniforms. That will probably hurt it's originality score.

Section 303 has more pictures. Thanks to all of the Icethetics readers who wrote in overnight with this news. My inbox was overflowing with new messages when I woke up this morning.

Remember, the official unveiling takes place at the Sommet Center this Thursday prior to the Preds' preseason game against the Thrashers. We'll have much better photos to look at then.