Loose Threads: Cats & Rags

Bill Torrey thinks the Panthers will bring the red back and MSG says the Rangers will launch their new third jersey on Nov. 17. These are the topics of today's Loose Threads.

Panthers: Bringing back the red

Florida Panthers architect Bill Torrey, who retired in 2001, seems to think the team will be bringing back the red jerseys at some point.

Miami Herald beat writer George Richards tweeted yesterday, quoting Torrey as saying the "we'll get 'em back," with regard to the team's original uniform colors. Today on his blog, On Frozen Pond, Richards went into more detail:

Bill Torrey, honored by the Panthers on Saturday, said he had to fight with then-owner Marti Huizenga regarding the team's colors and uniforms back in 1993.

[He] said she preferred the Marlins' black-and-teal color scheme, which then, was all the rage. Then she saw the red jerseys on opening night in Chicago "and she came up to me and told me how much she loved them.''

I asked if he missed those red jerseys, gone now since the Reebok redesign. I take it he's not a fan of the new Tampa Bay BlueRays.

"We'll get 'em back,'' he said.

That post is then followed up by a string of reader comments lauding Torrey for his years of service to the team and the desire to see red return to the Panthers uniforms. Thanks to Danny C. for the link.

Last week I mentioned the Panthers will celebrate three Throwback Nights this season. It got us thinking that they might bring back the red jerseys for those few nights. Perhaps Torrey's comments lend some credence to this. Hard to say for sure at this point.

The Throwback Nights will be held on Dec. 7, Jan. 15 and Mar. 17.

Rangers to debut third jersey Nov. 17

The New York Rangers will hit the ice in their new alternate sweaters for the first time on Wednesday, Nov. 17 when they host the Bruins at Madison Square Garden, according to MSG Network.

Icethetics readers Adrian and A.J. both wrote in today with the details. The guys tell me that during last night's broadcast, there was talk of Martin Biron's new mask, which will be worn whenever the third jersey is — and it will debut next month.

Below is a look at Biron's new mask alongside its inspiration, the mask of none other than Gilles Gratton. (Biron's mask comes by way of Rangers fan blog Blue Line Station.)

Martin Biron's new mask alongside the original

In case you missed it, Sean Avery posted a photo of the unreleased third jersey on his blog last month. It was quickly removed but remains here on Icethetics (right).

But regarding last night's broadcast, Adrian emailed me the following:

At the very beginning of the second period [the broadcasters] did a little background color piece on Marty Biron and his new American flag mask. Then they announced that he also has a second mask that was just created.

The mask consists of a lions jaws surrounding the face cage with the Rangers 85th anniversary logo on both sides. The mask is a tribute to former NYR goalie Gilles Gratton.

Sam Rosen (Rangers commentator) then announced that it was created in a vintage style and will only be worn with the Rangers third jerseys, which will are set to debut on Nov. 17 against the Bruins.

So I'll add that to the calendar and we'll keep an eye on it.