Avery Leaks Rangers Third

Rangers third revealedNew York Rangers forward Sean Avery has taken it upon himself to give us a sneak peek at his team's new third jersey.

This image was posted today on Avery's website. Looks like a pre-release photo shoot with the new alternate sweater — obviously.

Having gotten an early look at it myself, I can say that this is in fact the extra uniform the Rangers will have on hand for the 2010-11 season. You can see a patch there on the right shoulder. It's most likely the 85th anniversary logo.

I'm not sure when the team plans to hold an official unveiling for the third. They may just wait until November, like Anaheim. Or they may do it sooner. Either way, you've already gotten a chance to see it for yourself.

I'm a big fan of the color scheme, but it's no secret that personally, I would've rather seen them go with with the Lady Liberty logo from the mid-90s. What do you guys think? Hit or miss?