Jackets Unveil 3rd Jersey

The Columbus Blue Jackets unveiled the second alternate jersey in team history tonight at a special fan-centric event, while the players were away at a road game.

Now, normally I'd go into all the details about the unveiling and post lots of pictures with different angles of the new sweater. But instead, since I'm unable to write up a full blog post right now, I'll supply you with a link to the Jackets' website.

And if it's commentary you're hoping for, I'll say this: I'm a fan. I like them because they're both familiar and different at once. We can all give Columbus a hard time for being yet another team to go with the two-tone blue palette, but I'm not going to go that route. In fact, their twist on the recent trend is actually kind of refreshing.

We get our first look at it on the ice on Friday along with the Anaheim Ducks' new third jersey. Sorry again for the minimal content lately. Just another couple of weeks and I'll get everything back to the way it was.