Ducks 3rd Jersey Unveiled!

The Anaheim Ducks skated out in their brand new alternate uniforms for this afternoon's game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Ducks debut new thirdsThe jersey was leaked online some time ago but today provided our first look at the smaller details like socks, numbers and nameplates. And I will say this — they've handled the orange rather well. By that I mean there's a lot more of it on this uniform.

In addition, the duck mask logo from the '90s makes its glorious return to the Anaheim uniforms with this effort. But probably the best sign that the team is moving forward with its identity is the full webbed D on the chest.

The wordmark has been the second biggest downfall of Ducks sweaters since 2006. However, the biggest issue was the overuse of black and that hasn't gone anywhere, as you can see.

My favorite part of this uniform is the added orange. I don't see the point of it outlining the shoulders, but I like it on the socks, jersey cuffs and sides. Just wish they could've outlined the numbers in it, rather than gold.

The Ducks neat stuff related to the jersey on their website. Here's a PDF talking about the design development and here's the third jersey schedule.

So now that you've seen the uniform in its entirety, what do you think? Has your opinion changed at all? Is black becoming more acceptable in a league where blue is becoming the go-to alternate jersey color?