Rangers to Reveal New Sweater

The New York Rangers have announced their plans for Heritage Week, part of their 85th anniversary celebrations this season, including the launch of their new third jersey.

It all starts Friday evening at Rockefeller Center when the Rangers unveil what they're calling their "Heritage Jersey" — the new alternate uniform that will be worn occasionally throughout the 2010-11 season. This event will take place at 6:30 PM eastern.

Avery in the Heritage JerseyAt the same time at the NHL Store in New York City will be another Rangers Heritage Jersey Event, where fans will be able to purchase the new throwback sweater for the first time. And just so we're not forgetting, we actually have seen this jersey before. Sean Avery leaked it.

Heritage Week continues through the weekend when the new sweater becomes available for fans to purchase at Madison Square Garden during Sunday's game when the Rangers host the Edmonton Oilers at 12:30 PM eastern. That's a 9:30 AM puck drop for west coasters (of which I am soon to be one).

According to the official Heritage Week schedule on the Rangers' website, the new Heritage Jersey will make its official on-ice debut on Wednesday, Nov. 17 when the Rangers host the Boston Bruins.

So there you have it. I meant to post this last week but you wouldn't believe how all planning to move can eat up your day. Thanks to everyone who emailed in about it.

As for the jersey itself, I'm eager to see it in action for the first time this weekend. I'm sure the cell phone quality photo we've had for a couple months now doesn't do it justice.