Rangers Celebrate 85 Years

The New York Rangers are one of the oldest teams in hockey and this season they celebrate 85 years. It will of course be branded with special logos and everything. This is 21st century sports after all.

Rangers 85th anniversary logoFrank sent in this picture (right) via Twitter last night. It's part of the Rangers' season ticket holder package. This particular item appears to be a notebook. Presumably, this logo or some variation of it will be worn as a patch on the team's jerseys this year.

Also posted yesterday on a blog called Scotty Hockey was another photo of with 85th anniversary items, including a dark blue bag.

By the way, note the navy blue and vintage white on that bag. I recently got an early look at the Rangers' new third jersey. It's not quite what we were expecting but I think you guys will still appreciate it.

And before you ask, yes I've also gotten a glimpse of the Sabres' and Ducks' new thirds. Will I post pictures? Unfortunately, I do not have pictures I can post at this time. Not without permission from the teams, league or Reebok. (For now, at least.)

I intend to have updated descriptions of the Rangers, Sabres and Ducks alternate uniforms in the September edition of JerseyWatch 2010. That will go up Saturday.

And lastly, to put your minds at ease, the Sabres' new road sweater — a white version of the former third jersey — looks very sharp. Rest assured, the Buffaslug is surely dead.