NHL JerseyWatch 2010

September Edition This is the sixth update to JerseyWatch 2010, the final edition of the summer. It contains actual facts and reasonable rumors — clearly defined — relating to new NHL jerseys and logos set to debut in the 2010-11 season. Some information from Reebok is based on planning documents sent to retailers in the spring and is subject to change. Teams are listed alphabetically.

Anaheim Ducks UPDATED

New alternate jersey The Anaheim Ducks have apparently confirmed plans to launch a new third jersey for 2010-11. On June 27 at the Select-a-Seat event for season ticket holders, Ducks GM Bob Murray said the alternate uniform would be released on November 26.

Thanks to James for this information. He points out that Anaheim hosts the Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks that night. He did not specify whether "released" meant the jersey would be unveiled that day or simply worn for the first time — it could be both.

Icethetics has it on good authority that the jersey will be black with the standalone "D" logo front and center on the chest. No wordmarks! The sleeve striping will be similar to that of the black jersey but with orange cuffs.

Most intriguing is the return of the classic Mighty Ducks logo inside an oval-shaped shoulder patch, recolored in orange and gold of course. In addition, the jersey features orange piping around the shoulders as well as orange, white and gold piping up and down the sides a la the Flames' jerseys.

The home and road sweaters will remain unchanged this season.

Boston Bruins

Speculation only The Boston Bruins are not among the teams noted by Reebok as changing their uniforms for the 2010-11 season. That includes the third jersey.

However, the Bruins have worn their gold Winter Classic jerseys three times since the big event. This has led to speculation that the Bs could be pushing toward making it a new alternate in the near future.

Buffalo Sabres UPDATED

New home, road & alternate jerseys The Sabres will be undergoing big changes to celebrate their 40th anniversary season. Their current third jersey — a throwback with some modern updates — will take over as the home jersey, as has long been rumored.

Since the last edition of JerseyWatch 2010, Icethetics has learned that the Sabres will wear a new road sweater — a white version of the new home jersey. It features a navy blue shoulder yoke piped in gold and a lace-up collar. To my knowledge, there is no shoulder patch on either sweater.

We also have new details on the Sabres' new third jersey. It's royal blue and celebrates the history of Buffalo hockey with a vintage white script across the chest inspired by the old Buffalo Bisons club. Beneath the script and set to the right side is the Sabres' 40th anniversary mark — the retro logo with 19 and 70 inside the blue circle.

The striping is somewhat unusual. Both the sleeves and bottom of the sweater feature two sets of yellow double-stripes — for a total of four stripes each around the sleeves an waist, perhaps symbolic of each decade the team has existed. The collar is yellow with vintage white laces.

Not sure at the moment whether the front of the jersey will feature the sweater number. However, the numbers will be vintage white with blue cross-stitching inside, as seen in graphics displayed on the Sabres' website. The nameplate on the back will be gold with royal blue lettering.

Calgary Flames

New alternate & specialty jersey As the Flames have already announced, they will be bringing back the red retro jersey that was worn for a handful of games this season. The major difference is that it will be adapted to the Reebok Edge cut. The striping will remain unchanged.

The home and road sweaters will not change. The rumored black jersey that was previously in the works has likely either been tabled for a few years or scrapped entirely. We may never know. Unless Flames president Ken King gets chatty.

Flames players model Heritage jerseyOn August 4, the NHL announced that the Calgary Flames would host the Montreal Canadiens in the 2011 Heritage Classic, an outdoor game to be played at McMahon Stadium on February 20.

The Flames used the opportunity to unveil a specially-designed sweater for the event. It pays tribute to the Calgary Tigers, the city's original pro hockey club in the 1920s.

The deep red- and gold-striped sweaters will be worn with vintage-style beige pants and canvas-colored gloves. The Flames worked with Reebok to create the unique look.

Columbus Blue Jackets

New alternate jersey & anniversary patch The Blue Jackets have not made an official announcement, but the Columbus Dispatch confirmed earlier this month that a new third jersey is in development and will be used in the 2010-11 campaign. This is corroborated by Reebok.

According to the newspaper, a cannon will be the central feature of the crest on the new uniform. The jersey will be publicly unveiled in November 2010.

Additionally, the Blue Jackets unveiled their 10th anniversary logo on June 22. It will be worn as a patch on the front of the right shoulder of each player's sweater.

Dallas Stars

Road & alternate jerseys swapped Reebok confirms that the Stars will officially switch their road and alternate jerseys next season. Both jerseys are white. Currently, the third is a white version of the home jersey, which features DALLAS arched above the sweater number.

As of the fall, the white DALLAS jersey will become the primary road sweater. The one crested with the Stars' primary logo will become the alternate.

Los Angeles Kings

New specialty jersey Rich Hammond, a blogger affiliated with the Kings' official website, stated on April 27 that the team will don purple-and-gold throwback uniforms for at least one game, and as many as four, next season. Specifics about the actual design of the jersey were not discussed.

Hammond said the sweater would be worn against the Vancouver Canucks and referenced their 40th anniversary. So what is the significance of the Kings in Canucks history? Vancouver played its first ever game against Los Angeles on Oct. 9 1970. The clubs will open the season together exactly 40 years to the day on Oct. 9, 2010.

To lend further credence to this rumor, the Kings gave a throwback gold-and-purple jersey to first round pick Derek Forbort at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, which they hosted on June 25.

Minnesota Wild

New anniversary patch The Wild recently unveiled their new 10th anniversary logo. The team announced it will be worn as a patch on the upper right shoulder of all three jerseys throughout the season, except for their first two games which will take place in Finland.

Aside from the new patch, none of the three uniforms are expected to be changed.

Montreal Canadiens

New specialty jersey On August 4, the NHL announced that the Montreal Canadiens would face the Calgary Flames at McMahon Stadium for the 2011 Heritage Classic on February 20.

At the press conference, the Canadiens unveiled the white sweater they will wear for the game. It's the same jersey "worn for home games between 1974-75 and 1995-96," according to the club's website.

It differs from their current road jersey only in the number and nameplate stylings. A traditional block text will be used and white inner-stroke on the numbers is removed. The striping is unchanged.

Nashville Predators

New home & road; no alternate jersey The indication from Reebok is that the Predators will turn the alternate jersey they launched this season into their new home sweater. The road sweater is listed as TBD but a safe assumption is that it will be a light version of the new dark jersey.

Because of these major changes, the Preds will not wear an alternate uniform next season.

The new home jersey (third, currently) features the same primary logo the team has used since its inception in 1998 but with a simplified color scheme — now navy, steel blue, silver and black. The gold and orange have been removed.

Also, the hats given to draftees at the 2010 Entry Draft on June 25 feature the logo on the 2009-10 third jersey, further cementing the notion that the current version of the primary mark is on its way out.

New Jersey Devils

Specialty jersey returns Last season, the Devils wore a red-and-green retro sweater for one game only on St. Patrick's Day. Originally believed to be a one-time occasion, new information suggests the Devils may have plans to make it a yearly tradition.

Fire & Ice blogger Tom Gulitti reports that the Devils have been promoting "retro night" inside season ticket packages. The game is set for March 18, 2011, the day after St. Patrick's Day, when the Devils host the Washington Capitals.

The Devils have not said anything publicly about the throwback jersey returning and this would not be considered and alternate jersey. Home and road uniforms will not change.

New York Islanders

Brock Nelson gets Isles' new road jerseyNew home & road jerseys On June 25, the Islanders unveiled their new road jersey to fans at a draft day party. It is a white version of the current blue third jersey. The new sweater was also given to draftees at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

John Tavares, Matt Moulson and Trevor Gillies were on hand at the Draft Party to model the new jerseys to fans.

There is no official word from the team yet, but Isles blogger Chris Botta also said last year that the current retro thirds would become the new home sweater for 2010-11.

Recently, a source with the Islanders confirmed to Icethetics that the throwback royal blues will in fact be next year's home sweater.

No word yet on whether the current navy blue home jersey will be switched to alternate status or if it will go away entirely, leaving the Isles without a third uniform.

New York Rangers UPDATED

New alternate jersey Reebok verifies the news we've all been dying to hear. The Rangers will wear an alternate jersey next season. But will it be the Lady Liberty logo make her glorious return?

The answer is no. Icethetics has discovered that the Rangers will wear a navy blue third jersey, with NEW YORK emblazoned in red, diagonal text down the front. However, it's not the typeface we're used to seeing on the Rangers. It's more of a "retro" font, if you will — straight (not italic) with a vintage white stroke on the letters.

In addition, there is a thick red stripe that wraps around the sleeves and bottom of the jersey, bordered in thinner vintage white stripes. The collar is vintage white with vintage white laces and the little Reebok triangle is red.

It's not at all what we were anticipating, but it's still a very sharp jersey and very appropriate for the Rangers' 85th anniversary season. For the record, Rangers blogger Greg Caggiano was first with the details that the jersey would read New York across the chest.

The team's home and road sweaters will not change this season.

Ottawa Senators

Speculation only According to Reebok, as of February, the Senators had no plans of making any uniform changes. In addition, multiple retail sources confirm the team will in fact be keeping all three of their current jerseys going into 2010-11.

However, rumors have circulated since August regarding the possibility of a new vintage jersey being added to Ottawa's arsenal. It all started when Jacob Barrette's Heritage sweater concept began showing up in artist renderings of the new O Store at Scotiabank Place.

Another rumor was based on markdown sales, which could be more about meeting quotas than selling off existing stock to launch a new product. We'll have to wait and see what news the summer brings.

Philadelphia Flyers

New road jersey The Flyers will don new road threads for the 2010-11 campaign. While Reebok doesn't say so specifically, it is widely assumed they will wear the retro white jersey that debuted at the 2010 Winter Classic in Boston.

The Flyers have worn the jersey on at least one occasion in front of the home crowd since the outdoor game at Fenway Park. Their home and alternate jerseys will remain unchanged.

Pittsburgh Penguins

New specialty jersey In March, Reebok noted that the Penguins would ditch their powder blue thirds in favor of a new alternate uniform for 2010-11. The manufacturer did not release any details of the design.

On July 27, the NHL announced that the Pens will host the 2011 Winter Classic, making it more likely that the powder blues will stick around as an alternate uniform for one more season. This will allow them to introduce a new sweater for the outdoor game which could later replace the current thirds.

Tribune-Review beat writer Rob Rossi said in December that blue would be returning in some fashion to the new third jersey — or perhaps Winter Classic sweater. With the Winter Classic announcement came the unveiling of the retro logo the Penguins will use on New Year's Day. It indicates the club may resurrect its original sweater from 1967, powder blue with PITTSBURGH stretched diagonally down the front.

Recently, a local retailer, House O' Hockey of Monroeville, Pa., reported that the Penguins scrapped plans to replace their current third jersey and will wear the powder blues for at least one more season. This is likely due to the Winter Classic announcement.

The home and road jerseys will stay the same.

San Jose Sharks

New anniversary patch On June 22, the Sharks unveiled five new 20th anniversary logos, one of which will be used on the uniforms for the 2010-11 season.

The mark, left, will be used a patch, sewn just below the sweater number on the left sleeve. There will also be a sticker on each player's helmet.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Leafs unveil new 2010-11 sweatersNew home & road jerseys On June 14, the Maple Leafs unveiled their revamped home and road sweaters.

The changes, first reported by Howard Berger, included the addition of two stripes around the base of the jerseys and the veined leaf shoulder patches. Also, the jerseys now feature tie-up collars.

The retro alternate jersey will remain the same. However, this could be the last season for it, according to the National Post. Leafs COO Tom Anselmi says it could be ditched as early as 2011 in favor of a redesigned third jersey, based on another era in Toronto's hockey past. He says the team has been working with Reebok on changes but wouldn't give up any specifics.

Vancouver Canucks

Canucks unveil throwback sweaterNew specialty jersey On July 7, the Canucks unveiled a throwback sweater, based on their original uniform from 1970.

The white retro jersey features the vintage stick-in-rink logo on the front and classic block numbers on the back and sleeves. The sweaters shown in promotional photos do not feature nameplates but the the Canucks would need special permission from the NHL to omit them during games.

The throwback uniform is scheduled to be worn five times throughout the Canucks' 40th anniversary season, including opening night when they host the Los Angeles Kings.

Washington Capitals

New specialty jersey On July 28, the NHL held a press conference announcing that the Washington Capitals will participate in the 2011 Winter Classic at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The Caps displayed a retro logo that will be used for the outdoor game.

The club has also said it will unveil a special jersey for the outdoor game on October 2 at the Capitals Convention. Typically, teams look their past for design inspiration but no details have been made available as to what the Caps are planning.

NHL All-Star Game

On July 26, the NHL unveiled the logo for the 2011 NHL All-Star Game which will be hosted  by the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh on January 30. Uniform designs for the game were not released and are expected at a later date.

This information is subject to change. This post may be updated throughout the season. The next update will likely be posted in early October after the Capitals have unveiled their Winter Classic sweater.