Kings Confirm Uniform Changes

The best source for Los Angeles Kings jersey news continues to be blogger Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider, who's talking of changes for 2011.

Sneak peek at Kings' prototypes?On Sunday, Hammond confirmed our suspicions regarding the uniform changes the Kings will undergo for the 2011-12 season, saying that the black alternate sweater will become the new home jersey. He also says there will be a white version for the road. This is the first we're hearing of it officially since photos leaked last year.

Regular readers will recall getting an early look at prototypes of white Kings jerseys back in October. This photo (right) was taken from outside Luc Robitaille's office window at the team's practice rink. Robitatille is the Kings' president of business operations.

Now as for the third jersey in 2011, there's a twist. Here's an excerpt from his post:

It seems that the vintage purple-and-gold jerseys will go into mothballs for a while now. This has been a very poorly kept secret, but the Kings are likely to change their primary uniforms next season.

The current third jersey — the black jersey with the “LA” logo — is scheduled to become the full-time home jersey, while a newly created white version of that jersey would become the full-time road jersey. The current home jersey, the black-and-purple jersey with the crown logo, would become the third jersey. Is that confusing enough?

The only thing that confuses me is the idea of dropping the purple-and-gold crown jersey instead of the purple-and-black one. (The throwback was used for the last time this season over the past weekend.) Perhaps they felt it too soon to drop a jersey they've only been wearing for four seasons. However, it does look like this will be the swan song for the current road sweater.

Promotional graphic / KingsCouple of things to note. Rich Hammond's blog is affiliated with the Kings' official website so as far as I'm concerned, his information is practically team confirmation.

And speaking of the team's official site, the marketing images being used to promote 2011 season tickets (right) prominently features the current third jersey — and no purple at all.

So I'm sure I already know what most of you think of the Kings' possibly dropping this year's throwback sweater, but do you think hanging onto the current home jersey is a good idea?

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