Sens Offer Glimpse of Heritage Jersey

Sneak peek at new Sens sweater / SenatorsThe Ottawa Senators have offered fans a glimpse at their new Heritage Jersey, set to replace the current alternate sweater in 2011.

These screenshots (right) were taken from a video posted on the Sens' website. The club was hosting a Hot Stove event this past Saturday, in which season ticket holders get access to team bigwigs to ask questions and share comments.

In a modest PowerPoint slideshow at the event, the team displayed this sneak peek of the new sweater. Sales VP Mark Bonneau was keen to point out the cleverness of the marketing team, showing the jersey without giving away the farm.

It's folded up in such a way that we really can't get an idea of what the overall jersey actually looks like. But there are a few things we can tell from the image the team provided:

  • The Heritage Jersey will primarily be black.
  • There will be no "vintage white." (Long live actual white!)
  • It will not feature the full barber-pole striping as some suspected.
  • There will be a new logo of some kind.

Also appearing in this modest PowerPoint presentation seems to be the Senators' 20th anniversary logo.

While we may not be able to see it very clearly, we can tell that they're using the same font as the Vancouver Canucks have used on their uniforms since 2007. Weird.

By the way, it may be nothing, but of the three logos in use on the Heritage Jersey slide, none of them is the current primary mark.

They've got the 2012 All-Star Game logo (they're hosting), their 20th anniversary mark, and the secondary "O" logo. Perhaps a hint as to what logo we might find on the front of this new uniform? Time will tell.

Speaking of logos, note the bottom still in the image to the right. Notice it has all of the logos that the franchise has used since being awarded in 1990 — including the "Ottawa" wordmark. Just a nod to their history or something more?

What do you guys think of what we see here? What are you envisioning for this new alternate uniform?