Hershey Bears Unveil New Logo!

It's official. The AHL's Hershey Bears unveiled their revamped look this afternoon, which includes all new logos and uniforms. The new image is all about making old new again.

A team video unveiling the new look, says it's all about going back to chocolate and white again. But the way I see it, less is more and this new set of logos looks positively incredible. Take a look at some of the alternate and secondary marks.

Definitely beats the old logo — by a lot! Naturally, the new look was created by The Joe Bosack Graphic Design Co. (As though it could've been anyone else.) Bosack is also responsible for, well, just about every good modern sports logo out there.

The Bears' new color scheme also puts the 2013 Outdoor Classic logo into context. Hershey will be hosting the event this season.

So what do you think of this new look for the Hershey Bears?