Winter Classic Logo Finally Unveiled!

Earlier today, the Detroit Red Wings unveiled the newest NHL Winter Classic logo via Instagram. And I can't help but notice how this one doesn't have a year on it.

On one hand, I was thinking this unveiling is a good sign for the season. The higher-ups must have hope they'll reach a deal that won't create an extended work stoppage. On the other hand, if they were so confident, why wouldn't they put the year on the logo — just like it has been for every other Winter Classic?

So I'm still not sure what to think. You guys have any thoughts on this?

If the season goes as planned, the Red Wings will host the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Standium (also known as The Big House) in Ann Arbor on January 1, 2013. It'll be the sixth such event and the first to feature a Canadian club.

Still waiting on jerseys, though recent reports suggest the Leafs will sport replicas of their 1927 blue sweaters while the Wings will wear some of that trendy vintage white. The current standard in the NHL is for the home team to wear its dark jersey while the road club wears white. Been that way since 2003. The Winter Classics have followed suit except for the first one in 2008, hosted by the Sabres, who wore a white throwback uniform.