Blackhawks Logo Wins NHLToL 2012!

Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks on winning the NHL Tournament of Logos! After three months and almost 40,000 votes, Icethetics readers have selected this logo as their favorite. The Hawks beat out the Buffalo Sabres in the final round with 56% of the vote. Here's how the rest of the 2012 NHLToL bracket played out:

The Blackhawks logo was the runner-up in the last NHLToL in 2010. It lost to the St. Louis Blues logo. Before that, the first ever NHLToL took place in 2007 with the Montreal Canadiens logo victorious — over the St. Louis Blues, as a matter of fact.

In other words, the runner-up in each tournament has gone on to win it all in the following logo tournament. Some little NHLToL trivia there for you. But does it mean the Sabres logo will win in 2014? (Or whenever the next NHLToL takes place.)

For more information about this tournament, click here.