Lagers Jersey Arrives!

It's here! The IceHL jersey that became a reality arrived at my door this week. Feast your eyes on an actual Milwaukee Lagers sweater! All thanks to the great folks at RinkGear. For those unfamiliar with this fantasy hockey league project, I recommend downloading the IceHL 2012 Yearbook. It's free!

As you can see in these close-ups, the quality is absolutely spectacular! It's like nothing I would've expected — especially for a fantasy hockey team that existed only in cyberspace until now. The logos and numbers are fully embroidered and the jersey itself is made of a substantial material. After all, RinkGear manufactures their jerseys to be worn in actual hockey games.

I can't get over how cool it is to watch the continued evolution of the IceHL Project. Never in my craziest dreams did I imagine I'd get to touch an IceHL jersey, much less hang it in my closet. Again, I have to give a huge thanks to RinkGear for helping to make this happen.

And because RinkGear considers this IceHL jersey to be a success, they want to do another one! Beginning this weekend, I'll be conducting another series of polls to determine which one will be produced next. I've come up with a list of 16 jerseys that will be involved in this next round of voting. The list is based on how the jerseys finished in the last round of voting. In no particular order:

  • Montreal Olympiques
  • Winnipeg Winterhawks
  • Quebec Armada (white)
  • Seattle Aviators
  • Hartford Mariners
  • New Orleans Gators (white)
  • Boston Colonials
  • Alaska Huskies
  • Calgary Cavalry
  • Regina Renegades
  • New York Guardians
  • North Carolina Nighthawks
  • Tampa Bay Barracudas
  • Northwest Narwhals
  • Salt Lake City Scorpions
  • Washington Sentinels

Can't wait to see the next IceHL jersey hanging in my closet!

If you bought a Lagers jersey, let us know what you think of it in the comments. I can tell you that Winterhawks GM Dan Raposo loves his — and is probably hoping the Hawks are next!