Flames Preview New Sweater

Arena teaser video reveals Oct. 27 launch date

We got our first look at the new Calgary Flames third jersey more than a week ago by way of that accidental NHL 14 leak. The team officially acknowledged the upcoming uniform for the first time last Friday with a teaser video played for fans at the Scotiabank Saddledome.

You may note that the team first promoted its new jersey while playing New Jersey. I'm sure there's a pun to be made if it hasn't already.

But the point of this blog post is to show you that video. While I haven't seen it on the Flames' website, Icethetics reader and occasional concept artist Caleb Fuller managed to capture the video from the scoreboard on his phone.

Take a look and then we'll break it down frame by frame.

It's short as most of these teaser videos are, but it gives us enough to prove the NHL 14 leak accurate. 

From video by Caleb Fuller

The first shot we see is the black flaming C on a red background. We know from the leak they're cleverly framing out the new script that adorns the crest. Next is a close-up of the collar. It's a new style from Reebok which actually features a different color behind the laces.

From video by Caleb Fuller

Then it's a sneak peek at the new number and letter styles. Looks like sleeve numbers on the left — probably Curtis Glencross' No. 20 — and a name bar on the right. That appears to be a G with an I next to it. Probably looking at the jersey of new captain Mark Giordano there.

From video by Caleb Fuller

Up next is the new striping pattern along the waist. It's not like anything we've seen from Calgary before, but it definitely falls in line with the leak. But then something that doesn't. On first glance, it looks like a close-up of the new shoulder patch. But look again.

On the shoulder shoulder patch in the leak, one of the mountains in the middle is formed by a stylized F. There's no F here. But the way the material curves suggests to me this could be Reebok's infamous "hanger effect." This design may be on the inside of the collar, borrowed from the new shoulder patch. But that's just a guess.

From video by Caleb Fuller

Apparently, we'll find out for sure on Sun., Oct. 27. The final frame of the teaser video shows us the date, which is presumably when the new sweater will launch. But the Flames don't have a game that night. In fact, their next game after that date is Wed., Oct. 30. Will we see it on the ice the first time then?

We'll likely get more information over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!