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Flames to unveil third jersey at Flames Fest

Got a handful of items today, so I'm condensing them into this post.

First, the Calgary Flames sent an email to season ticket holders last night, inviting them to the first ever Flames Fest on Oct. 27. And getting a starring role at the event will be the unveiling of the team's new third jersey. (In fact, it's mentioned four times in the email!)

Specifically, the jersey will be officially unveiled at 1:30 PM MT (or 12:30 PT, 3:30 ET). Of course, if you can't wait, there's always that leak from a couple weeks ago.

Thanks to Ryan C. for sharing the email.

Ducks to wear fifth jersey to Stadium Series game

In a previous post, I wondered aloud whether the Anaheim Ducks would simply wear the eggplant throwback again in January for their Stadium Series game against the Kings. We now have definitive word that they will not.

According to tweets to fans from Adam Brady, the Ducks' Director of Publications and New Media, the team will have a completely different uniform for the Jan. 25 game — making it the fifth jersey the Ducks will wear this season on top of their home, road, third and last weekend's throwback.

Thanks to Matt Baldock for pointing me to this tweet.

There are also rumors — which may have started with an employee of the team store — saying that the Stadium Series jersey will be primarily orange and feature a version of the throwback Mighty Ducks logo. Probably not unlike what's currently used on the shoulder patch of the third jersey.

I can't imagine we'll have to wait too much longer to start seeing Stadium Series jerseys. Perhaps closer to late November? All seven teams are expected to have them, including the Ducks, Kings, Rangers, Islanders, Devils, Penguins and Blackhawks. (We're also waiting on the Canucks' and Senators' Heritage Classic sweaters.)

Do Lundqvist's Stadium Series pads preview jersey?

Henrik Lundqvist BlogSpeaking of the NHL Stadium Series, the New York Rangers will actually play two outdoor games this winter — but I'm only expecting one jersey from them. And Rangers fans may have gotten a sneak

Icethetics reader John F. sent in this photo (right) via Facebook. The photo appears to have been first posted almost a week ago by The Henrik Lundqvist Blog.

Unfortunately, while the writer said the photo was found on Twitter, no source link was provided.

There was also no information about the context of what we're seeing. Where/when was the photo taken? We don't know. Maybe someone reading can help out there and offer a little background.

On the table there's a card that reads:

Henrik Lundqvist
New York Rangers

Stadium Series
Yankee Stadium - January 26, 2014

So it's definitely a recent shot.

All that said, what's interesting about these pads is the striping pattern. While it definitely screams Rangers, it's not like anything they've worn recently.

I can't tell if it's the lighting, but the pads appear to be an off-white color. Vintage white. My favorite. But the heavy use of the Rangers' shield logo suggests we might see used it on a jersey for the first time ever. (The shield was different in 1978 and the 2012 Winter Classic.)

If nothing else, this might be good for another concept artist challenge. Who wants to create a jersey based on Lundqvist's pads?

Bruins throw back to 1940s with Milt Schmidt

Finally, here's one that slipped under the radar a bit. The Boston Bruins paid tribute to Milt Schmidt and the 1940s team on Monday afternoon as part of their 90th anniversary celebrations.

Photos from Boston Bruins

The 95-year-old ex-Bruin stepped onto the ice for the ceremonial puck drop sporting a replica of the sweater he wore way back in the mid-1940s — with the 90th anniversary patch stitched on. (Two minutes for tucking it in, though.)

The scoreboard was also decked out in the 1940s "B" logo, as seen in this photo tweeted by @KyleClauss

Seeing Schmidt in that sweater led some to wonder whether the Bruins would make a good opponent for the Capitals at the 2015 Winter Classic. (Yes, I know they've taken part before.) If so, this would be a great jersey to go up against the Caps' classic red look. What do you think?