Second Chance at Lagers Jersey!

Lagers jersey on sale again until March 17

If you were one of the people who saw these pictures back in January and thought, "man, I wish I could've bought one of those Lagers jerseys," then your wish has come true!

For a limited time, from now until March 17, the IceHL's Milwaukee Lagers jersey will again be available to buy from the great people at RinkGear — through their Geeky Jerseys store. And just as before, it can be yours, fully embroidered and personally customized for just $95.

If you miss your chance to grab this Lagers jersey now, you'll have only yourself to blame.

The photos in this blog post are great, but I've posted dozens more high-resolution photos that really show off the quality of the jersey on the Icethetics Facebook page. Go check them out. And if there's something else you want to see, let me know and I'll break out my camera again.

For those unfamiliar with the Milwaukee Lagers or Icethetics' fantasy hockey league, the IceHL, check out the free IceHL 2012 Yearbook. It's a quick download and contains everything you could possibly want to know — and then some.

By the way, following this second window for the Lagers jersey, the Hartford Mariners jersey will be up for sale next. It won the last round of voting. So soon enough, you can have not one, but TWO IceHL jerseys in your collection!