Maybe it is a "turd burger" after all

Sabres skip out on night scheduled for new third jersey

The Buffalo Sabres skated out in their regular blue home jerseys Wednesday night, despite being scheduled to wear those new blue and gold thirds we've all been talking about.

Over the weekend, the Flames pulled the same thing — but admitted superstition was to blame. Was it the same reason in Buffalo?

At 15-33-8, the Sabres are far and away the worst team in the NHL season. So maybe they'd just had enough of being an object of derision, particularly while being featured in a nationally televised game — where they ended up being knocked around by the Penguins 5-1.

Of course there's a third possibility. Last Monday the Sabres opened an online auction of game-worn jerseys including the new alternate. Maybe they sold them all. Just kidding. Who would buy that?

Anyway, in the previous six games where the Sabres sported yellow, they went 1-4-1, including a run of three straight 3-1 losses to start. Their only win came last month against the Devils.

I haven't seen any official acknowledgement of the break from the announced third jersey schedule, but the next date isn't until March 16.

For what it's worth, Sabres president Ted Black was on WGR 550 Sports Radio back on Oct. 3 and was asked about the initial fan reaction to the jersey design.

If it doesn't sell, it won't really mean anything to our bottom line. It's a third jersey. If it's a turd burger, I'll have to put it on a bun and eat it. It's the way it is.

So I have to wonder. Was last night the unofficial confirmation that we have a "turd burger" on our hands? (And way to coin a hilarious nickname for your jersey, Ted. You know that's never going away.)

Black also said, "I know that our team is going to wear it very proudly for 10 games."

That may or may not be true now. Maybe they add a game. Maybe the number drops to nine. Maybe it drops to six and the jersey never sees the light of day again.

Whichever way, Black isn't bothered. 

It's received a ton of criticism and a lot of attention. I think it had over four million mentions on Twitter. I've seen it. It's something that doesn't offend me. I think people have had a lot of fun with the criticisms of it.

Definitely true.

The interview also left a nice door open for the future. Black said no focus groups were involved in the development of this jersey, but that might be considered in the future.

I saw that the Dallas Mavericks put it up to a fan vote. I think those things are cool to do. I'm not ruling it out. I'm not a fashion designer.

Black's best line was this.

I think it's a beautiful, beautiful jersey.

Even if I don't fully agree with that statement, I do fully support the Sabres for trying something different — which is what you're supposed to do with a third jersey.

It’s a third jersey. If it’s a turd burger, I’ll have to put it on a bun and eat it.
— Ted Black, Sabres president