Hockey Canada celebrates a century of jerseys

Hockey Canada introduced special new sweaters on June 26 to commemorate their 100th anniversary.

The red and white Nike-designed jerseys are simple enough with black shoulders and CANADA emblazoned diagonally down the chest. They also feature the new 100th anniversary logo.

Hockey Canada and one of its premier marketing partners, Nike, revealed a special 100th anniversary jersey that will be proudly worn by Canada’s men’s, women’s and sledge hockey teams throughout the 2014-15 season.
“The new Hockey Canada jersey is an emblem of Canada’s deep hockey history and passion for the game,” said Scott Smith, chief operating officer with Hockey Canada. “The 100th anniversary of Hockey Canada is a unique moment in Canadian hockey history, and we are proud of the design and innovation in the jersey Nike has provided to Hockey Canada to celebrate the occasion and Canada’s national teams.” 

If you want to buy one, click here.

The organization also published a microsite called A Century of Jerseys that beautifully recounts the various sweaters worn by the Team Canada throughout its first century.

Seriously, it's an incredible site. It's packed with information, photos and the interactive design is brilliant. But before you click, make sure you have some time to spare. You'll need it.

When you get done, drop back by and tell us which Team Canada jersey is your favorite.