RIP: San Francisco Bulls (2012—2014)

Sophomore ECHL club shuts down midseason

Maybe the Bay Area can only support one pro hockey team at a time. The San Francisco Bulls — ECHL affiliate of the San Jose Sharks — ceased operations on Monday after only a season and a half in action.

Flip through the photo slideshow above and it's not difficult to figure out why. All those empty seats aren't good for business. Unfortunately, the club was unable to secure new ownership and that necessitated the shutdown.

During their brief existence, the Bulls brought us one of the most wretched logos in minor league hockey. That abomination was filled with crazy gradients — except, of course, when it had to be embroidered on the front of a sweater. So I can't say I'll miss this team all that much.

There is one thing they got right, though. Last season, the Bulls skated in San Jose Sharks throwback jerseys. A lot of us miss those so it was nice to see them in action one more time. Although they did their best to wreck it with those gradients in the crest.