What will the 2016 Winter Classic jerseys look like?

Last week the NHL began selling new knit caps branded for the 2016 NHL Winter Classic. If that got you wondering about the jerseys for the league's big outdoor game, you're not alone.

The Boston Bruins will host the Montreal Canadiens in an Original Six showdown at Gillette Stadium, home of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

The Bruins have informed fans they will officially unveil their Winter Classic jersey next Saturday, Oct. 24. But based on the hats, I've put together a couple of my own predictions tonight.

On both jerseys, the striping pattern is inspired by jerseys from club history.

With Boston, I had my fingers crossed for a brown jersey modeled on their inaugural uniform from 1924. But Bruins VP Cam Neely put that to bed.

Instead, I kept the same style as the original jersey but swapped the brown for black.

For Montreal, I opted for an atypical crest treatment — with a white "C" that bleeds into the white area of the sweater. In my mind, the the "C" would be made of a different material — a puffy felt-like fabric, for example — so it would stand out better in physical form.

What are your hopes and expectations for the 2016 NHL Winter Classic sweaters?