Icethetics showcases jerseys with new gallery

It's been almost two weeks since I updated the blog. There's two reasons for that.

First, there's been no significant news to report. So don't worry, you're not missing anything. Second, I've been busy behind the scenes building out a brand new section of the site — one that's here to stay.

Check out the new link in the nav bar at the of the page called Jerseys. That's the home of the new Jersey Gallery! Currently, two leagues are represented. I posted the NHL gallery a couple weeks ago and just added the AHL over the weekend!

A big difference between the two leagues is the number of specialty one-off jerseys worn in the American Hockey League. My plan at the moment is to include all of them in the gallery. But I count at least 75 worn this season alone so that may be more work than its worth.

Once the AHL gallery is squared away, the ECHL is up next — doubting any specialty jerseys there. After that, I'll tackle the Canadian Hockey League, including the WHL, OHL and QMJHL in that order.

As a bonus, I expect to add Icethetics' own fantasy league, the IceHL, this summer.

All this work should lead nicely into the fall where I'll have more galleries for each league heading into the new season. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I fully intend on going into past seasons for these leagues, one year at a time.

It's a lot of work, but I've finally found a format I'm happy with for these jersey galleries — a feature of the site I've been trying to fine tune for several years now.

For now, take a look at the galleries that are up and let me know what you think!