2016 NHL All-Star Game logo to be unveiled May 30

The NHL's best will gather in Music City next January.

In October we learned Nashville will host the 2016 NHL All-Star Game. We'll find out what the event logo will look like two weeks from today on Sat., May 30.

The news comes by way of the team's email newsletter, "This Week in Smashville." Icethetics reader Kevin Hill passed the information along today.

Highlighted in the newsletter were events scheduled to take place at the Music City Sports Festival — including the 2016 All-Star logo unveiling.

Saturday at 1:15 p.m. the 2016 NHL All-Star logo will be unveiled along with an All-Star panel discussion featuring Preds CEO, Jeff Cogen, Christine Karbowiak (Bridgestone CAO and Chairwoman of the local organizing committee) and more!

For more details about the event, here's a screen shot from the newsletter.

Nothing yet on jersey designs for the game.

What are you expectations for the logo? Will they be able to avoid guitars and musical notes?