IceCaps reveal new colors for next season


The AHL's St. John's IceCaps will shift NHL affiliations from Winnipeg to Montreal next season — a move which will usher in a new palette. The IceCaps unveiled the recolored primary logo at a press conference early this morning.

Gone is the Jets' aviator blue — replaced by Canadiens red. The logo design remains the same otherwise.

The IceCaps' president touted the new colors in the press release:

“This is another historic moment for the IceCaps, as we launch an exciting new look and strengthen our partnership with the legendary Montreal Canadiens franchise,” said IceCaps President and CEO Danny Williams.

“The new logo maintains our well established identity while incorporating the iconic red, white and blue colour scheme of the Canadiens, a team with a tradition unrivalled in the NHL. These bold new colours signal a new direction for our franchise and I’m sure they will create excitement and anticipation for IceCaps fans, as we head into the upcoming season.”

The big question mark that still remains is the team's new jerseys. Those will come later this summer.

For those of you paying attention to franchise lineage, this is a tricky one. The current IceCaps franchise, affiliated with the Jets, will move to Winnipeg for next season, becoming the Manitoba Moose.

At the same time, the Hamilton Bulldogs, the Habs' AHL club, will relocate to St. John's and adopt the IceCaps moniker.