What we know about the 2015-16 outdoor games

With just a few weeks until hockey season begins, the NHL has made official announcements about only two of its three outdoor games for the 2015-16 season. But there's a lot of "unofficial" information out there. So let's get caught up.

NHL Stadium Series

Not long after the Colorado Stadium Series logo showed up on Ticketmaster, we got an initial look at some of the team logos that will be used at the NHL Stadium Series games. Check out what designer Conrad Burry tweeted earlier in the week.

He shared some images from a Reebok catalog featuring what appear to be the crests from the as yet unreleased Stadium Series jerseys. Here's a closer look at the images.

The Avalanche logo is the new shoulder patch design first revealed this summer during the NHL Draft. A version of it will be incorporated into the Rockies-like crest on the forthcoming Colorado third jersey. Icethetics offered a sneak peek earlier this month.

The Red Wings crest, on the other hand, is a completely new design. It appears to be a modernized take on the Old English-style "D" used during the franchise in 1926.

Thanks to Matt McElroy for his help in re-creating the logo!

The white sash design behind the logo follows a report from SportsLogos.net earlier this month. The description was vague and the site's interpretation was far from accurate, but at least shows the source was on the right track.

I received a similar report in July about the sash design from a source, who added that Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch turned down a logo that was "more traditional." I have to admit I'm excited to see a modern look for the Wings — even if only for one game.

Burry's tweets also included designs from the Minnesota Stadium Series game featuring the Wild and Blackhawks. But the bizarre recolored version of the Wild logo is worrying. It looks awful in white. I can only hope it was a mistake in the catalog display and that it has nothing to do with the team's actual jersey. Fingers crossed.

As you try to eliminate that image from your brain, try replacing it with this one.

This tweet was posted a couple weeks ago, but suggests the Minnesota alumni game could see players wearing "something like this." That would be awesome. VMH followed up saying they have word from a source within the Wild organization.

Can't wait to finally see all these jerseys officially unveiled!