First Look: Islanders tweak logo for new third jersey

The New York Islanders will wear a black third jersey this season as a tribute to their first year in Brooklyn. This much we've known for a long time.

Yesterday, Rob Taub, who writes for NY Isles Blog, tweeted that the jersey would be unveiled Mon., Sept. 21 and subsequently put on sale Sept. 23.

Now Icethetics is able to offer an exclusive first look at the crest featured on the new sweater. According to a reliable source, it will be a modified "NY" letterform from the Islanders primary logo.

It's similar to the logo used on the 2014 Stadium Series jersey, which was worn as an alternate by the Isles last season. But this time it's without the awful "chrome" treatment.

The modifications include rounded corners and a shortened hockey stick formed at the bottom of the "Y" — just long enough to fit the four orange bars that represent the franchise's four Stanley Cup championships.

The graphic featured at the top of this post is not an official logo but rather Icethetics' own recreation.

Before you ask, I have not seen the jersey itself so I can't tell you about striping or any other design features. But don't be surprised if we see the Brooklyn "inaugural season" patch somewhere.

As a side note, it appears the name and number font used on the jersey is inspired by that used on the NBA's Brooklyn Nets jerseys.

Sounds like it'll be just a couple more weeks before we get something official. In the meantime, what do you think about what we know so far?

UPDATE · Sep 3 · Shortly after I posted the logo above, this photo turned up all across social media.

It's possible this could be the Islanders' new third jersey or perhaps a prototype that isn't necessarily the final design. I haven't been able to verify anything, so I'm just posting this photo here because of the fact that it's been widely shared.

Some have questioned whether it's real as it's without numbers or patches. But that could simply be that they haven't been stitched on yet. For game worn uniforms, Reebok ships blank jerseys to teams, who add the customizations themselves.

Some notes: If accurate, the collar design is completely new. The blue and orange stripe inside the collar makes for a cool "hanger effect" — particularly because so many fans haven't warmed to the idea of a black and white jersey. 

And the stripes on the sleeves? There are four of them — just like on the "Y" in the logo.

All signs point to this being the real jersey, but I can't say for sure just yet. I'll let you know when/if that changes.

For now, what do you think? Better or worse than you expected?