Every Adidas NHL jersey unveiled at draft?

Fans may not have to wait all summer to see all the new Adidas NHL uniforms. In fact, the big reveal may come all at once right as summer begins — at the 2017 NHL Draft!

By the way, that's the new draft logo above. I don't think I've posted it on the site yet. But more on that at the end. First, the big news!

Minneapolis Star-Tribune beat writer Michael Russo dropped a bombshell this morning.

Russo tweeted today that he's "hearing NHL team home Adidas sweaters will be unveiled at [the] draft," which takes place on Fri., June 23. Then in response to an Icethetics reader, he said the road jerseys will be revealed as well.

The earlier tweet reaffirms what we know about third jerseys in 2017-18 — there won't be any — and adds that the Minnesota Wild will be wearing green full time again.

This is great news! Red never really suited the Wild anyway, if you ask me. They wore green when they debuted in 2000 and three years added the red as a third — which then became their primary Reebok jersey in 2007. Green came back as a third jersey in 2009 with the script crest.

But the green jersey Russo is talking about is the one worn at their 2016 Stadium Series game, which featured the primary logo on the chest. Not a bad look, but very simplistic.

If Russo is right, June 23 will be a big day with 62 new NHL uniforms being unveiled all at once — a far cry from the drips and drabs we got from Reebok all summer in 2007.

Now back to what I was saying about the 2017 NHL Draft logo. It builds on the logo system introduced in 2010 with a revised text texture. It features the Chicago skyline as well as a ribbon around the NHL shield reminding us of the NHL Centennial.

But there are two really cool elements that are easy to overlook. First, the red circle that outlines a logo is broken on the right side to form a "C" for Chicago. And then there's the four six-pointed stars inspired by Chicago's city flag. The simplified secondary mark also features six-pointed stars where we normally see five-pointed stars. Plenty of symbolism in this draft logo!

So let the countdown begin! Do you think we'll see all the new NHL jerseys at the draft? What are you hoping for from your team?