ECHL sets All-Star hosts through 2019

The ECHL announced today the Toledo Walleye will host the 2019 ECHL All-Star Classic. The news comes three months after the Indy Fuel were selected to host the event next season in 2018. Both announcements came with logos, as seen above.

When Indianapolis hosts next season, it will mark the first ECHL All-Star event to take place in an even year since 2010. The league skipped it in 2012 and again in 2014 and 2016. It will be the first time hosting for both Indianapolis and Toledo.

Since 2011, the ECHL All-Star Game has been formatted such that the host team plays against a team of star players from around the league. It gives the hometown fans a compelling reason to buy a ticket but, as you might imagine, it often results in a one-sided game with scores like 9-3, 7-3 and 8-4 in favor of the visitors.

However, the Adirondack Thunder bucked that trend this year when they hosted the 2017 ECHL All-Star Classic in January. They still lost but it was a more even 8-7 result — likely a bit more palatable for the fans in Glens Falls.

Then again, it is an All-Star Game, so the score isn't important. What is important? The logos, of course! This year's was a bit rough, though. In fact, I think All-Star logo design was weak throughout all of pro hockey this year. Just look at these from the NHL, AHL and ECHL.

But I digress.

The point is, ECHL All-Star logos are trending in the right direction over the next two years. And truthfully, I don't think I've ever seen a bad logo come from the Toledo Walleye.

Anyway, here's a look back at the last decade's worth of ECHL All-Star logos. Any favorites?