Adidas teases new jersey construction

Adidas tweeted a teaser video this morning that reveals some of the details of the construction of the new NHL uniforms coming next week for 2017-18. I've grabbed the relevant frames from that video to give you a clearer look at the details.

You can make out a perforated shoulder yoke, underarms, and even numbers. This is probably all about performance keeping jerseys lightweight and less likely to hold onto water and sweat. I'm sure weight is also why we saw a lot of crests in the teaser images Monday using jersey material over embroidery for large areas of solid color.

The perforations in the numbers actually created a design problem that required some redesigns, according to a source. Adidas is refining the nameplate letters and numbers for each team. So that'll be something for us to watch for with next week's big unveiling.

Unfortunately — in my opinion — it looks like the collar will match what we saw at the World Cup of Hockey last fall. I'm personally not a fan of that lay-flat look. Aesthetically, I prefer how the collars are raised up a bit on the Reebok Edge jerseys. But you can't please everybody.

Spot any other details in the images released so far?