Adidas showcases itself with more teasers

Adidas and the NHL coordinated another series of teaser posts via social media today. This time the images reveal a portion of the back of each team's new home sweater.

Clearly visible in each shot is the Adidas logo between the shoulders that replaces the Reebok logo that's been in that position for the past decade. But more notably, each team's nameplate is partially visible — giving us a peek at some the new fonts I mentioned yesterday.

At the time of this writing, all but three teams (Chicago, Ottawa and Toronto) have shared the new series of teaser images. I've collected all the images below for your enjoyment.

The Bruins, Avalanche and Blue Jackets are among the teams with new nameplate fonts. The rest have slight tweaks to clean up minor things here and there. And it looks like the Avs, Red Wings and Rangers are sticking with their arched designs.

I'm sure there will be more to come so stay tuned. The big reveal happens next Tuesday!