Binghamton Devils unveil new logos, jerseys!

Binghamton Devils: 2017—

This morning, the AHL's Binghamton Devils held a big event for fans where they unveiled their new logo and uniforms. The franchise relocated from Albany this summer when the B-Sens left for Belleville.

For so many years the New Jersey Devils' top affiliate has worn a variation of the NHL club's logo. To my surprise, the new logos are refreshingly original. How many horned-B concepts did we see floating around because everyone was so convinced that's the route they'd go? I'm impressed at the creativity.

Speaking of which, there's a little Easter egg hiding in plain sight within the new logos. I haven't yet heard who's behind them, but the designer certainly had a sense of humor. Anyone who's ever played with Microsoft Paint (which lives!) knows that the RGB color value for black is 0-0-0. But the black in the Devils' new logos is just slightly off — at 6-6-6. How appropriate, right?

Take a look at the secondary marks that were also revealed today.

The trident inside the puck will be used as the shoulder patch on the uniforms. From there, the originality trails off a bit as the B-Devils' jerseys are based on New Jersey's new Adidas look — arguably the worst that Adidas put forth when they unveiled them all last month.

On the bright side, the logo gets to outshine the rest of the jersey.

Now let's say one final farewell to the Albany Devils logo.

So that's my take. I'm a huge fan of this look for Binghamton. But I've already seen a lot of comments on social media that go staunchly the other way. Which is curious.

One person said all the team had to do was add horns and a tail to a "B" — "was that so hard?" This just days after complaints were leveled at the Belleville Senators for simply copying their parent club in Ottawa for their new logo. How do you reconcile this apparent contradiction?

I think there are three groups of fans — one group only loves classic logos, one group only loves original logos, and the other only loves to complain. Nothing will ever be good enough for them. So just tune them out. If you don't fit into one of those groups, you might be an outlier.

With all that said, what do you think of the new Binghamton Devils?