2017 NHL Arena Logo Collection

It's been a few years since I've gathered together all of the arena logos from around the NHL here on the blog. With a number of changes happening since then — this year in particular — I thought it might be worth a quick revisit.

Go through the list below and see how many arenas you can match with their teams.

Among the changes this year are a handful of new names — as well as a new building.

T-Mobile Arena officially becomes an NHL building this fall as the Vegas Golden Knights take the ice. The Detroit Red Wings bid farewell to the Joe last season and will be playing their first games at Little Caesars Arena in two months.

Meanwhile, naming rights recently changed hands in Washington and Winnipeg. The Capitals' home, formerly the Verizon Center, becomes — fittingly — Capital One Arena. And with Bell acquiring MTS last spring, the Jets' MTS Centre becomes Bell MTS Place. With that and Rogers Place opening last year in Edmonton, the two Canadian telecom powerhouses now own naming rights for four of the country's seven NHL arenas.

Speaking of which, check out some of these stats on naming rights holders:

  • 9 of 31 arenas are named after financial brands — TD Bank, KeyBank, PNC, Scotiabank, BB&T, Barclays, Wells Fargo, Scottrade, and Capital One
  • 2 more are insurance brands — Nationwide and Prudential
  • 5 are telecom brands — Rogers (2), Bell (2), and T-Mobile
  • 3 are airlines — United, American, and Air Canada
  • 2 are automotive brands — Honda and Bridgestone
  • 2 are food and beverage brands — Pepsi and Little Caesars
  • 2 are retail brands — Staples and Canadian Tire
  • 2 are industrial brands — PPG and Amalie Oil

There are a few one-offs:

  • a utility company (Xcel Energy)
  • a tech giant (SAP)
  • a casino (Gila River Indian Community)
  • and then there's the inimitable and unrenameable Madison Square Garden

By the way, TD Ameritrade acquired Scottrade earlier this meaning we'll likely see a name change this fall at the home of the St. Louis Blues. The Scottrade Center may become the TD Ameritrade Center.

Going beyond the brand names:

  • 16 of 31 buildings are a "Center" (or "Centre" in Canada)
  • 10 are an "Arena"
  • 2 are a "Place" — Rogers and Bell MTS
  • 2 are a "Garden" — Madison Square and TD
  • and of course there's the lone "Saddledome" in Calgary

By the way, some of you have asked about the team-by-team Adidas uniform reviews I promised. Just wanted to let you know it's still in the pipeline. I don't want to start posting until I have all of them written — that way I can be sure every team gets covered.

It's just difficult making the time. I've said it before and I'll say it again — I'd love nothing more than to make Icethetics a full-time gig for myself but that's just not financially feasible. At least not at the moment. Fingers crossed for the future.

In the meantime, I'm trying to finish off little projects — like the NHL affiliation chart from last week and this arena logo collection — just to keep some new content flowing.