Jersey reveals scheduled for Boston, Chicago and LA

A few more new NHL sweaters for 2018-19 have unveiling dates! Up first is the 2019 NHL Winter Classic on Thursday followed by the new L.A. Kings third a week from Friday.

The Boston Bruins will get us started tomorrow at 10 AM ET. The team released a teaser video on Twitter yesterday showing the door of a walk-in freezer. (I guess the new sweater will melt if not properly stored.)

Of course just a short time before that tweet, a Boston Herald writer got her hands on an image of the jersey and spilled the beans, confirming the Icethetics leak in September.

Quick note on the leaked image: It’s pretty low-res but I do count six distinct design elements inside the collar — the well-known “hanger effect.” If I had to guess, they probably have to do with the years the Bruins won the Stanley Cup — 1929, 1939, 1941, 1970, 1972, and 2011.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Blackhawks gave us a peak at their new sweater with a teaser video of their own. It provided glimpses of the crest, sleeve number, and captain’s patch — all of which aligns with the leak from September.

The Hawks will also reveal their jersey tomorrow but it sounds like we’ll have to wait a bit longer. The club’s website says the jersey will be unveiled during a pregame event on Thursday — some time between 3 PM and 7:30 PM CT.

Here are a couple of still frames from that video.

Both uniforms should make for a great-looking Winter Classic this season.

Here’s one more look at the original leaked image of both jerseys.


Meanwhile, a day after it leaked, the Los Angeles Kings announced plans to officially unveil their new third jersey for this season. The big day is set for Friday, Nov. 16. We can expect to see the sweater around 9 AM PT when the special event begins at the TeamLA Store at Staples Center.

Here’s another look at the leaked images of this one.

It’s essentially the same as the Kings’ third jersey from their 50th anniversary season in 2016-17. It’s been modified to fit the Adizero cut and to remove the gold trim present during that year.

The other difference is the hanger effect. The old jersey had five gold diamonds in the Forum Blue collar band commemorating the club’s five decades of history. That’s been replaced with two gold crowns, probably to mark the club’s championships in 2012 and 2014.

Counting your Cups in your collar suddenly seems to be all the rage.

So that’s what to expect over the next week or so. Sorry to ruin the surprises here, but at least we know we’re getting good stuff from these three teams!