Quad City Storm replaces logo after 27 days

Quad City Storm (SPHL) logo / 2018—

It feels like I was just here reporting on the unveiling of the logo for the SPHL's newest expansion franchise, the Quad City Storm. Oh wait, I was.

Only 27 days ago the franchise originally announced its name and logo. Both were unfortunate at best. The name was generic and the logo was stock art, available for purchase by anyone with a few bucks through Getty Images. Today, a new logo was revealed.

The wordmark is essentially the same, warped a bit, but a new anthropomorphic tornado has been introduced. He carries a lightning bolt hockey stick, not unlike Eric Poole's Tampa Bay Lightning mascot.

The team was harangued last month for using clip art as a professional team's logo, but I'm guessing the change has less to do with being publicly embarrassed and more to do with their lawyers running into trouble filing the trademark. You'll notice the "TM" is included in this new mark.

So goodbye, old logo. We hardly knew ye. And that's for the best.

Quad City Storm logo / June 21, 2018 — July 17, 2018