New Jersey Devils unveil throwback third jersey!

It started with a cryptic, emoji-filled tweet this morning.

Three hours later the New Jersey Devils made their new third jersey official. The retro look is back — but there's a catch. We'll only see it for four games in 2018-19.

Teams typically wear an alternate uniform 10-15 times a year but the Devils are calling this their "Heritage Jersey" to get around that. The Devils haven't yet said which four nights this throwback jersey will be worn, but I'm sure we'll hear soon.

The announcement on the club's website might strike some people as odd. It reads: "For the first-time in 26 seasons, Devils will be throwing it back to their original white, red and green home uniforms."

You might be quick to point out the Devils have been wearing the original colors once or twice a year since 2009-10, including for their 2014 Stadium Series appearance. The only exceptions were the 2012-13 lockout year and last season's Adidas launch. However... that throwback jersey was red. This one is white and I think it's accurate to say we haven't seen that one in an NHL game since 1992.

So what do you think of the new sweater? Do you wish they'd decided to use it more often?