0027: Green-a-thon Freak Out

There seems to be a sense that concepts featured in a Freak Out Friday post are somehow a bad thing. I want to change that. It was never my intention to make it seem as though work featured here was anything other than perhaps a bit outlandish. Different. Sometimes in a good way.

For the next three Fridays, I'm going to feature the imaginative work of Ross Taylor, whose excellent logo design skills have been featured in the IceHL Project. His goal with this series of NHL concepts was to take history and put it in a blender. First up is the Minnesota Wild Stars — an obvious combination of Minnesota's NHL teams, the North Stars and Wild. It's unusual to say the least and I can guarantee you nothing like it will ever see action in the NHL. But even if it is a little freaky, it's still pretty cool.

Green-a-thon Week wraps up tomorrow with a St. Patrick's Day edition of Winter Classic Weekends. Then I think we'll focus on some other colors for a while.