Friday on the Island

As Freak Out Friday entries go, this is a fun one! Jack Phillips merges the old New England Whalers of the WHA with the New York Islanders’ new alternate logo. There’s no place for it in the NHL, but there’s always room on the Concepts page!


Thundercloud Freak Out

How about this to freak you out a little? Paul Racz has a new take on a Tampa Bay Lightning storm jersey — in which Thor himself is summoning a lighting bolt from the clouds.


Rocky Freak Out

In this Freak Out Friday, Robb Clarke combines the Avalanche and Rockies franchises for a crazy Colorado powerhouse.

Washington Weirdness

Friday’s always good for something a little freaky and this week its Anthony Cinerari bringing an interesting third jersey idea for the Washington Capitals. White gloves and white pants!


B Is For Boston

The solo "B" is the getting the crest treatment on the Bruins' newest Winter Classic sweater. But more than a year ago Ryan Christensen put together this set with the same idea. Think it's too crazy for this much of a redesign for the Bruins?