0097: The Chicago Cougar Hawks

A cougar hawk doesn't sound like anything I'd ever want to come across in the wild. Let alone Chicago. But of course it's Friday once again and that means Ross Taylor is on top of things blending brands and what not. So, half of this concept is clearly the Chicago Blackhawks, but does anyone here remember the Chicago Cougars? You might if you were around between 1972 and 1975 and followed the WHA.

So this Freak Out Friday is kind of a double feature. The concept above was Ross's revised set. Below you'll find the one he originally sent me — the one he wasn't as much a fan of.

Mainly, he didn't like how the crest turned out with the hockey rink shape. I don't blame him. The reason I'm even posting it is so you could get an idea of what the dark jersey might look like. But since they're both here, which do you prefer?