0129: Inspired by the RCAF Flyers

The Winnipeg Jets probably won't be introducing a third jersey in 2012, but it can't be too many years off when there's big money to be made. So Brad Stimson came up with a design concept he'd like to see put into use. Here's what he says about it:

Like others online, I took inspiration from the RCAF Flyers jersey from 1948, no NHL team uses anything quite like it.. So I would love to see something like this worn by the Jets 2.0.

True North is obviously not using too much red, but I felt it should be included in some way, so I kept the amount of red to a minimum. All colours are from their current scheme and I like the Jets number and letter font, so I stuck with it. I think a jersey like this would be a realistic option for them, and I would love to see if Icethetics readers agree with me at all.

So... do you?