Alternate Jets Alternates

The Winnipeg Jets’ new third jersey received mixed reactions to say the least. Here, Orion Taylor tries out a couple of other options. What do you think?

Fixing the Jets Third

There was no shortage of negative commentary on the Winnipeg Jets’ new third jersey — so Dylan Tusinski took a stab at fixing it with an infusion of red.


Outdoors in the North

Justin Mercer imagines a future outdoor game for a pair of northern teams — the Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota Wild. Interesting pair of uniforms for sure.


Finally On the Horizon

The Winnipeg Jets will unveil their first ever third jersey this Friday. Based on the team’s new script mark, Justin Nahhas has returned to the Concepts page to take a stab at predicting the future.


What's Next For Winnipeg

Making his Concepts page debut today, Alex Goyette offers up a possible sneak peek at the Winnipeg Jets forthcoming third jersey — if the rumors are to be believed.