0201: Stars Re-Bourne

The next installment of Andrew Bourne's series of NHL makeovers features the Dallas Stars without a touch of green or gold in sight.

Dallas has one of the worst jersey sets in the NHL. The jersey is very plain and actually seems to try and mimic the jerseys of the main sport in Dallas, football. Although I understand that it is hard to get people to watch an unconventional sport in a warm city, there are other ways to grab a Texan's attention.

I wanted to utilize the Texas state flag (red, white & blue). Trying not to make a political team, I adjusted the red to a bit of a more deep red and the blue to be a bit darker than that of the blue on the US flag. I added yellow to the color scheme to try and have a feeling of a star. After all, the team is called the Stars. The yellow definitely gives the whole scheme a unique feeling and sets it apart from another patriotic color palette.