0304: Islanders Re-Bourne

We're close to wrapping up the Re-Bourne series. The Islanders are the 19th team that Andrew Bourne has taken on since he started with the Ducks back in July. I doubt he'll do all 30 NHL clubs, but it's certainly been an interesting ride. What do you think of this set?

0291: Canucks Re-Bourne

Today we have the next installment in Andrew Bourne's NHL makeover series. Here he tackles the Vancouver Canucks but he's done my least favorite thing — he dropped the green.

This was hard because I really love the jersey set and color scheme put in place by the current owners but also really love the old V uniforms that Vancouver used in 80's. So, instead of just mailing it in, I pushed myself to push The Canucks design to the edge of Seizure-Town.

Right away, I condensed the color scheme to two colors. A lot of V's and a lot of colors with make you want to puke. The large striping appears to be cut or broken up to really show that V in the body of the uniform. With that break, you can really see the V and the C work together. The alternate jersey already has a V on the chest so, I made some angled striping along the sleeves and body of the jersey. Why 3 stripes, you ask? Three trips to the Stanley Cup Finals. Would the stripes actually look good on the ice? I'm not sure, but it looks interesting enough on paper - er... computer screen.

0283: Penguins Re-Bourne

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the 17th team in Andrew Bourne's NHL makeover series. This look is a neat fusion of designs from the team's history.

0276: Sharks Re-Bourne

Andrew Bourne picks up his NHL makeover series today with this revision of the San Jose Sharks' uniforms. How do you like the grey shark? Just a few more teams left in this series.

0270: Coyotes Re-Bourne

We haven't seen much from Andrew Bourne these days, but not to worry, there's still plenty more to come. Today, his NHL makeover series looks at the Phoenix Coyotes. It's a unique set that very clearly combines the team's current look with it's old one from the late '90s. What do you think?