0615: Pete Picked the Canes

Can't break the streak! At 615 days, Icethetics continues to have a brand new concept posted every day — even if it is a little late sometimes. I normally schedule these in advance and somehow completely skipped over Oct. 24, so I had to throw this post together as soon as I got home tonight.

I asked Twitter to decide which team would be featured. The first to respond was Peter Dewar (@pdewar18) and he picked the Hurricanes. And I just happened to have this beauty from Jack Vignavong on hand. Come on Canes, why couldn't you have done this and saved us all a lot of grief?

By the way, due to the late hour of this post, I'm delaying Friday's until about 2pm PT — so don't freak out when you don't see a new one in the morning. (See what I did there?)