Storm Flags Flying

Steven Grant went a little wild with the Carolina Hurricanes in this one. Looks like he took a page out of the Panthers’ book by moving the sleeve numbers to the shoulder to allow more space for a secondary logo treatment down the arms.


A Storm is Coming

It's a redo of the Carolina Hurricanes' new third jersey today. Tim Steele Allen keeps the same crest and color palette but finds a different way to implement them.


Hurricane Premonition

I have to point out that Morgan Edwards submitted this concept a good four months before the Carolina Hurricanes unveiled their new third jersey. Anyone else think the logo balance is a little better in his design? Or is it just me?


Canes Color Swap

In this week's Freak Out Friday, Lucas Daitchman has the Carolina Hurricanes adopting Tar Heel blue. What do you think?


Matching Canes

Anyone else wondering why the Hurricanes still don't have matching home and road sweaters? Steven Grant is with you and offers up this fix.