0363: The IceHL's Winter Classic

Today is Friday, but it is not a Freak Out Friday. At least not in my mind.

Today the subject is our very own fantasy hockey league, the IceHL. Frequent concept contributor Bryan Dyck offers his take on what a couple of IceHL Winter Classic style jerseys might look like. He pits the Milwaukee Lagers against the Portland Pioneers for the big game and has design an excellent pair of jerseys.

I'm so impressed by this concept that it will have a place in the IceHL's 2013 Yearbook this summer. I'm impressed because Bryan has managed to design jerseys that truly feel like they could be part of these fictional teams' long histories. As if they're right out of the 1940s and 50s. And they make the existing official jersey designs feel like the natural evolution of a team's branding. Superbly executed, if you ask me. Well done, Bryan!

I would've included this in a Winter Classic Weekend post, but I couldn't wait to share it and the Waddell brothers have the floor for the next two Saturdays.