Pre-Fixing the Winter Classic

The 2019 NHL Winter Classic jerseys haven’t officially been released yet, but the designs have been leaked. With that in mind, Tim Steele Allen takes a stab at some fixes — including adding some red the Hawks’ look.

Classic Upgrade

Jon Cardner submitted this Winter Classic set prior to the leak this week on Icethetics. You could say he was a bit clairvoyant! And in some ways, I think he might've done it better. The shoulder striping on the Hawks jersey is certainly an upgrade in mind. Would you disagree?


South Bend Winter II

As promised, here's part two of Chris Fortier's 2019 Winter Classic concepts. If you missed last Saturday's entry, take a look. Which one do you like better?


South Bend Winter I

Chris Fortier takes a stab at some retro uniforms for the 2019 Winter Classic at Notre Dame. He's got another one lined up for next Saturday too.


A True Classic

The reveal of the 2019 Winter Classic jerseys is likely right around the corner. Can't wait to see what's coming but I'm not sure it can beat what Steven Grant has put together.