0459: Dallas Stars III

On Day 1 we had one concept. On Day 2, two concepts. Today is Day 3 of Dallas Stars Week. First up is Brian Brideau, who's borrowed his design from a couple of sources. First, the running theme of the day is the Stars logo designed by Torch Creative and how it's been implemented by our artists. Brian's also borrowed the new jersey design recently unveiled by the WHL's Prince Albert Raiders. Overall, it's a very cool look!

Bastian Schmülling went with a green-only version of Torch's logo. His monochromatic set is absolutely gorgeous as far as I'm concerned. It's the Red Wings of green sweaters and one of my favorite concepts.

Finally, David Paul Kerr shares his primary and alternate uniform designs based on the Torch logos. He has a more traditional sensibility that includes Dallas' gold and black. All three of these are great. And while Torch has said they did not design the team's new logo, they've put together an awesome concept.